We are a UK based capacity-building charity that exists to tackle socioeconomic inequality and level the playing field in global sport. 

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equitysport is a UK based capacity building charity that exists to level the playing field and tackle socioeconomic inequality in global sport in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

We seek a global sporting landscape where anyone can strive to reach the very top of their sport or discipline on an equal footing to anyone else, whoever they are, wherever they come from and whatever their background.

With a team of world-renowned, expert practitioners, boasting over 100 years of collective experience in elite sport all over the world, equitysport is determined to be recognised as one of the most imaginative, innovative and effective charities in sport that can succeed where others can’t or won’t.


The best solutions, in elite sport or otherwise, are local.

equitysport unlocks the competitive advantages of frontier regions in the Global South to identify, develop and support local sporting talent, deliver relevant world-leading training, education and mentorship programmes and help provide opportunities to aspiring sportspeople to realise their full potential regardless of who they are, where they come from, or what their background might be. 

One of the the key challenges for athletes, clubs and governing bodies in the Global South is access to relevant, sustainable and appropriate support - services like sports medicine, sports nutrition, sports science and athletic development; all of which are freely available to their counterparts and peers in the Global North but are all too often out of reach to those in less economically developed communities. equitysport exists to bridge that gap; utilising our team of some of the leading practitioners in world sport to blend global best practice with local know-how to build capacity in some of the most deprived and under-served athletic communities in the world. 

Our mission at equitysport is not to transplant the high performance sports systems of Western Europe, Australia or the USA to the Global South. Instead, we are looking to utilise the expertise of our small and agile team and the local know-how and experience of the local partners on the ground to foster free-form development in these disadvantaged, deprived and marginalised athletic communities. 

Ownership of the design and delivery of our interventions remain in the locality, with our team there to plug skills-gaps in the short term, provide expertise, in the same way, we would with a client back home and help facilitate the development of local solutions to sports performance.


After all, the best solutions to problems, in elite sport or otherwise, are local, developed by the people closest to the problem and not solely by our team and not through the inhibiting lens of Western "solutions". Our mission is to build capacity, not reliance, to complement, not take over and at the very core of that is to deliver sustainable interventions, that can flourish and self-sustain themselves long after we’ve gone home.