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The EiSC (Equality in Sport Collaborative) is an inclusive, networked and multi-track alliance of organisations, groups and individuals working collaboratively to facilitate change in and through global sport. An accessible, inclusive and safe space to exchange ideas, amplify action and build and channel collective power and influence through relationships between people.

Everyone with a vested interest or stake in advancing equality in sport is welcomed to gather with us as an equal, whilst also respecting, engaging and elevating the perspectives and voices of those that for too long, sport has left behind.

The EiSC is convened and funded by equitysport in support of their charitable objectives. 

upcoming events

New for 2022, we will be complementing our free-form gatherings with structured events, featuring genuine experts from a diverse range of fields who will be sharing practical tips on how we can all push the equality-in-sport movement forward together. 

We are currently finalising the first events of the year. If you would like to be amongst the first to know when they go live, please sign up for invites using the form below.

Sign up for gathering invites!

Thanks! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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