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There are two ways to join our recurring giving programme; SQUAD

Join via direct debit for as little as £3 per month using the form below or by signing up to Ripples - more information at the bottom of the page!

join SQUAD through ripples

formerly known as roundups

Ripples (formerly known as RoundUps) is an app that links with your card to round up all of your transactions and donate pennies as you spend.


You can set a weekly cap and pause donations at any time, but for as long as you're an active member of Ripples, you'll be part of the equitysport SQUAD

You can choose to round up to the nearest 10p, 50p, or £1.


For example, if you chose to round up to 10p and spend £2.65 on a coffee, you would round up to £2.70 and donate 5p to equitysport.

All major cards are supported, the set-up process is quick and easy and all your details and transactions are completely secure.

Please note: Ripples is only open to UK-residents at the current time.

Roundups in Action 2 - Transparent.png

To sign up to SQUAD through Ripples, just click the button below and go through the Ripples sign-up process - once your donor profile is active there, we'll be able to process your membership of SQUAD!

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