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professional development grants

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For sporting communities the world over, continued professional development and vocational training is a vital component of the drive to create a more equal, diverse and inclusive global sporting ecosystem.

However, training provisions in many regions, particularly for developing countries in the Global South is often under-financed and fragmented, particularly for individuals at the start of their careers. We are often told how traditional sources of funding for training and development is often insufficient to meet demand, or remain difficult to access.

To help meet the need for additional direct funding support for local people, local organisations and local ideas in under-served and structurally excluded sporting communities around the world, equitysport will launch two new grant opportunities of communities based in sub-Saharan Africa; one for individual applicants in 2022 and one for institutional and organisational applicants in 2023. 

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Through the Professional Development Grants (PDG) programme, equitysport is striving to provide direct support for the development of early- and mid career sports coaches, administrators, organisers, practitioners and clinicians from traditionally under-served or disadvantaged sporting communities in sub-Saharan Africa to pursue short-term, non-degree training to upgrade their knowledge and skills for the benefit of their community. 

These trainings can include short courses, certificated training and/or conferences, among other training opportunities. The courses might include coaching badges, first-aid or safeguarding courses, sports administration certificates or the attendance of a relevant conference or gathering. Training can be delivered online, in-person or through blended learning. 

equitysport are positioning these grants with the following focus areas in mind:

  • To extend equal opportunity in and through sport through the delivery of education and vocational training to fill skills gaps in the employed and voluntary workforce in the Global South, without the need for sustained outside intervention.

  • To develop skills, good practice and standards in coaching, administration, development and support services across the global sporting ecosystem.

  • To strengthen institutional and organisational capacities and improve expertise and experience of individuals involved in the promotion, advancement and extension of equality, diversity and equal opportunities in and through sport.

  • To engage diverse stakeholders, including through gender mainstreaming and the prioritisation of the active high level involvement of local people, local organisations and local initiatives in sport and sports development.

  • To foster a professional network among individuals, organisations and institutions with an emphasis on collaboration and information exchange.

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