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We, at equitysport, wish to put on record our full support for the grassroots advocacy group, ‘Stump Out Sexism’ and their work to advance gender equality, representation and visibility in the sport of cricket.

As part of an ongoing campaign, Stump Out Sexism recently penned an open letter to the MCC which was signed by over 400 people. The letter called to increase the number of women’s fixtures at Lords Cricket Ground, sought concrete commitments to improving gender representation at committee level, and encouraged the appointment of a ‘diversity and inclusion’ representative to help address concerns over gender equality governance at the MCC.

The letter was a reasonable, well articulated and proportionate action by a well-supported campaign group to hold a sports organisation to account for both historical and current failings to provide a level playing field for women in cricket.

We, like many others, were hugely disappointed by the curt and unsatisfactory, 79-word response from MCC Chief Executive, Guy Lavender. Mr Lavender’s dismissive assertion that the MCC will announce their progressive agenda “through their own channels and at a time of their choosing” verged on the contemptuous.

For an institution that until 1998, refused to allow female members, and that has consistently allowed tradition to stand in the way of any meaningful progress in matters relating to gender equality, an altogether more humble and gracious response that fully addressed the matters raised would have been more befitting an organisation like the Marylebone Cricket Club.

We, at equitysport, implore Mr Lavender and the MCC to correct this mistake, apologise and to open up constructive dialogue with Stump Out Sexism and their supporters.

Tim Harper, Founder and Executive Director at equitysport added:

“equitysport recognises the symbolic and unique role that the MCC has as the world's most active cricket club, the owner of Lord's Cricket Ground and as the guardian of the laws of cricket in championing gender equality in sport all over the world.

On behalf of equitysport, I would like to congratulate the team at Stump Out Sexism on bringing these issues to the surface, leading the conversation and for their determined actions in helping make sport fairer. We will continue to stand by you.”

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equitysport is a UK-registered charity (1189559) that exists to advance and promote equality, diversity and equal opportunity in and through global sport. Through free-form development, education programmes and targeted advocacy the charity seeks an inclusive and equitable sporting ecosystem that lives up to the true values of sport.

Stump Out Sexism is a grassroots advocacy group that uses public campaigning and activism to address gender inequalities encountered by women cricketers. SoS aim to steer the cricketing world towards a fairer, more equitable state of play, 'stumping out' sexism once and for all.

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