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We, at equitysport, stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

We are disturbed and deeply saddened by the escalating humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine.

At times like this, sport can feel trivial and powerless. However, should global sport wish to play any part in a future of peace, togetherness and justice or maintain its wider socio-cultural influence, it must now act in the interests of those lofty ideals.

Sport must reaffirm its status as an ally to the enlightened principles of substance that it espouses as its core values; rather than a cultural institution enslaved to feel-good slogan, but all too happy to turn its head when the going gets tough.

As the world confronts a darkness the likes of which we have rarely seen before, we must continue to protect and enshrine the uniting potential of sport by embracing the very best of our shared values. The time of ethics-laden window dressing in sport has long past; the future belongs to those who mean what they say, and act accordingly.

Such is the powerful socio-cultural influence wielded by global sport, it is only right for it to do whatever it can to advance a more peaceful world.

We, at equitysport, have long held the belief that positions of neutrality, abstention or apathy in the face of injustice, inequality, or in this case barbarous acts of aggression and violence, constitute moral failings.

We implore athletes, sporting institutions and governing bodies around the world to make decisions over the coming weeks, months and years, not in the interests of commercial loss or gain, not in the interests of reputational damage control, or cowardly nods towards neutrality, but instead to make them in the best interests of humanity and our collective destiny; loudly, boldly and confidently.

A sporting world that loses its voice for justice, is a sporting world that has lost any relevance or utility to society.

In these troubled times, we call on athletes, teams and governing bodies across the sporting world to use their powerful and influential voices for good; to speak up in support of tolerance, justice and peace, and speak out against those amongst us who seek to divide and harm us.


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