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SQUAD is a community of people committed to making global sport fairer for everyone.

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SQUAD is a monthly giving program that helps fund our programmes in some of the most underserved and deprived communities in the world. You’re making a difference, every single month for just £3.

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equitysport do superb work to level the playing field in global sport and give everyone, regardless of socioeconomic background, a chance.

George Dean, SQUAD Member

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Together we can unlock the promise of the global masses and enshrine the values of sport for generations to come, so that sport remains open to all, whoever you are, wherever you come from and whatever your background.

It starts with you. It starts with SQUAD. 


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When you sign up to SQUAD, we'll send you a welcome gift and you can expect personalised postcards throughout the year!


SQUAD members receive personalised reports on the projects that they have helped fund throughout the year!

SQUAD members are helping fund our capacity-building and advocacy projects in some of the most under-served and deprived sporting communities in the world.

Becoming a SQUAD member allows you to join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making a sustaining commitment to make sport fairer.

Monthly gifts enable us to invest in specific areas of our work, expand our programs and innovate with our local partners because we know we have the ongoing support of the SQUAD community.


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