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thames bridge trek

10 september 2022

Thames Bridges Trek.jpg
Thames Bridges Trek 3.png

Type: Walk, Jog or Run

Dates: 10  September 2022

Where: Putney, UK

Registration Fee: £10 - £79

Fundraising Target: £135 - £250

Difficulty: Easy - Moderate


Join 2000 trekkers as we venture 25km across the Capital taking in unrivalled views of the skyline from its best vantage points.


Setting out from Putney Bridge - it's East towards the City, zig-zagging over the array of historic bridges - each with its fascinating story - and a midpoint stop at Kennington Oval for some snacks & drinks. 25km later, it's a finish line celebration in Southwark past the majestic Tower Bridge.


Your entry includes free food and drink at regular rest stops, plus support including medics, marshals and massage. As you cross the finish line, you’ll get a glass of fizz, t-shirt, and a medal to commemorate your achievement.

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sign up and fundraising options

1. Charity Sponsorship

You pay a small registration fee, do lots of fundraising and we cover the remaining cost of your event place!

  • Trek: registration fee = £10 / fundraising target £250

2. Mixed Funding

You pay half the event place cost yourself, fundraise a bit less and we pay the balance of the event place cost!

  • Trek: registration fee = £45 / fundraising target £135

3. Self Fund

You pay the full cost of your event place, fundraise whatever you can (want), with no set target or deadline, and there's no cost at all to equitysport

  • Trek: registration fee = £79

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