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The mission of equitysport is to advance equality, diversity and equal opportunity in global sport. 


In July 2020, equitysport joined Egyptian handball player: Lama Elshawarby and her teammates in calling for the Egyptian Handball Federation to establish a national women’s handball team; and to start regulating playing contracts within the Egyptian domestic game to protect the rights of female athletes within the sport.


Handball is the only team sport in Egypt with a mens team but no women’s national first team. Lama Elshawarby, supported by her handball teammates and Mona Amin of the EHF took their two demands to the Board of Directors at the Egyptian Handball Federation in June 2020. 


They were rejected out of hand and without engagement. 


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We refuse to stand silently as the constructs of an old world stand in the way of dreams. We continue to stand with Lama in campaign for the Egyptian Handball Federation to establish a national women’s handball first team and take action to regulate and register contracts for female handball players in the country. 


We continue to campaign alongside and with Lama, her teammates and their supporters and we will do what is required to draw attention, to engage relevant figures and organisations in the sporting world until an acceptable resolution is found. 


We implore the Egyptian Handball Federation to come to the table ready to listen to the concerns of this group of players; who’s only desire is to represent their country in a sport they love, on an equal footing to their male counterparts. We urge constructive engagement from the International Handball Federation and we encourage supporters of gender equality from every corner of the planet to actively get behind Lama and her campaign. 

Want to take action right now?


1. Tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #WeStandWithLama and tag @equitysport

2. Share any of the letters or statements at the bottom of this page on your social media channels (remember to tag us!)

3. Take the pledge for a fairer, more inclusive sporting world HERE

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1st July 2020: equitysport offically supports Lama Elshwarby's campaign. 

3rd July 2020: Social media campaign launched across equitysport channels #WeStandWithLama. 

4th July 2020: Statement of intent made on equitysport website. Read it in full HERE.

6th July 2020: Open letter sent to International Handball Federation. Read it in full HERE.

13th July 2020: Statement made re: ongoing sponsorship of Egypt Handball & IHF by hummel. Read it in full HERE.

16th July 2020: Letter sent to H.E. Tadek Adel; Egyptian Ambassador to the UK. Extracts available soon.

20th July 2020: Contact made with over 16 handball federations around the world to raise awareness of the campaign.

24th July 2020: Campaign covered by BBC Sport. Read the article in full HERE

10th August 2020: Statement issued re: International Handball Federation. Read it in full HERE.

10th August 2020: Letter sent to H.E. Alexandre Fasel; Swiss Ambassador to the UK (the IHF is based in Switzerland).

8th September 2020: Over 40 athletes & coaches send letter to the International Handball Federation. Read it HERE.

9th September 2020: The International Handball Federation commit to providing a full response by 18th September 2020.

17th September 2020: Campaign update provided. Read it in full HERE.

29th September 2020: IHF commits to an investigation into Egyptian Handball. Read more HERE.

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