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what we do

We believe that your place of birth, ethnicity, race, gender, background, financial circumstances or level of privilege shouldn't have any bearing on your access to sport or any of its opportunities. For centuries, sport has promised the principle of universality, equal access and equal status to all its participants, not as an aspiration but as a guaranteed reality.

Sport is consistently falling short of that guarantee; and for those from some of the most under-served and disadvantaged sporting communities and groups, the reality of equal access, equal status and equal opportunity is drifting further and further away. 

equitysport works in partnership with communities, sports clubs, non-profit organisations, governing bodies and academic institutions all over the world, with a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa to advance equality, diversity and equal opportunity across the global sporting ecosystem.


Our charitable purpose is two fold, combining both a bottom-up and top-down approach to change, first to build capacity across under-served and disadvantaged sporting communities through education and vocational training programmes and second, to advocate and campaign for system change on how global sport is structured and organised. 

capacity building

our objective: to reduce the knowledge deficit across the Global North-South divide in sport and sports development, breakdown knowledge silos at all levels of sport and build local capacity to facilitate transformational change within under-served and disadvantaged groups and communities.

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As a "human-first" organisation, our capacity building programmes centre around education, vocational training and continued professional development for individuals, groups and organisations operating in some of the most under-served communities in the sporting world. 

Our mentorship and internship programmes work with local partners across the Global South. Our team at equitysport match those aspiring or already working at all levels of sport in low-income countries with highly experienced and accomplished mentors from around the world. 

Using our platform, ongoing support and remote and in-person training, they work together one-to-one for an initial 12 months to share new perspectives, develop their potential, build new skills and equip them with the tools to deliver transformational impact in their locality.

equitysport also strives to deliver bursaries and grants to cover the costs of formal qualifications and training in subjects relating to sport and sports development, to help meet living expenses whilst delivering sports programmes to under-served communities and groups and to enable local partners to create sustainable jobs in sport.


advocacy & campaigning

our objective: to promote the values of equality, diversity and equal opportunity in and through global sport; with a particular focus on the promotion of structural changes to the global sporting ecosystem for the benefit of under-served, marginalised and disadvantaged groups and communities.

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Our advocacy campaigns are targeted, focused and outcome orientated with a strong emphasis on the people that make sport work around the world. We stand in solidarity with those from disadvantaged, deprived and marginalised communities within global sport and support their efforts to take control of their own destiny in and out of sport.

Whilst we represent a values framework and not a particular group or community, our local people, local ideas, and local initiatives approach helps ensure that our advocacy campaigns are centred around the individuals, groups and communities that we seek to support. Representatives of these groups are integrated fully in the design, implementation and evaluation of all of our campaigns.

We work hard to build the case for a future global sporting ecosystem that is centred around shared values and shared purpose, one that helps all people thrive in fairer, more equitable, and more inclusive ways. Through the
Equality-in-Sport Collaborative, equitysport supports a global network of supporters, advocates and activists who work to raise awareness of our shared vision, shared purpose and shared values - collectively helping reduce inequality and promote equality of opportunity, both locally and globally.

Informed by the latest research, data and by utilising strategic partnerships, and ongoing analysis of our impact, we help expose the barriers to access and participation and the system built inequities faced by under-served and disadvantaged groups within global sport.

We also study and collaborate on the most impactful, sustainable and relevant mechanisms to reduce inequality and promote equality of opportunity in global sport. We advocate for the adoption of these mechanisms and promote free-form development at all levels.

equitysport pro-actively seeks organisations, groups and individuals of influence from across the world to co-operate and partner with, in order to promote equality, diversity and equal opportunity.