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what we do

We are a values-led charity that exists to ADVANCE equality, PROMOTE diversity and EXTEND equal opportunities in and through global sport. 


We believe the right to access and participate in sport is universal. We want to see that right become an everyday reality for everyone, no matter their gender, sex, age, race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic background or geography.


Through our work, we are committed to promoting and advancing a culture in global sport and sports development that is rooted in ‘solidarity over saviour’ and guided by the principles of self-determination and self-reliance. 

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focus one
advance equality


We believe that we can best tackle inequality only when advocates, campaigners and activists the world over look to pool resources and embrace transnational solidarity and collaboration; not through hierarchies or imbalanced power structures, but as equals. 


We are working collaboratively and in partnership with communities, sports clubs, non-profit organisations, governing bodies and academic institutions all over the world to support the growing ‘equality-in-sport’ movement. 

From campaigning for system change on how sport is structured and organised with our partners, to harnessing and bolstering the collective power, knowledge and influence of those in the movement through the ‘Equality-in-Sport Collaborative’, we are committed to resourcing and supporting a future for sport that puts the everyday participants of sport first, whoever they are, wherever they come from and whatever their background.

focus two
promote diversity


The future of sport cannot be defined simply by the absence of discrimination, oppression and marginalisation, only by the presence of something better. We are working to promote, amplify, uphold and strengthen support for a fairer, equitable and diverse sporting world.


We reject the idea that values in sport are simply tools to encourage compliance or instil discipline. Instead, we seek to imaginatively apply the findings of decades worth of cross-cultural, international research into shared values to help global sport rediscover its magic and recommit to the universal principles of equality and equal access. 


Through our work, we strive to influence and help shape the powerful deep narratives embedded within the overarching culture of sport to re-imagine and redefine what is possible, and catalyse and embed substantive change over the long-term.

focus three
extend opportunity


For too long when it comes to sport, those from marginalised, under-served or excluded groups or communities have been treated as ‘problems to be solved’. Too often these groups have been deprived of their inherent right to self-determination and seen their collective destiny in and through sport designed and delivered by others.


We believe that the substantive progress we seek in sport is only possible when it's guided by the egalitarian principles of partnership, solidarity and empowerment.


Our programmatic focus is to provide direct support to traditionally under-served, excluded and disadvantaged groups and communities within the global sporting ecosystem. This support is designed to provide equitable access to the tools, training and resources required to conceive and deliver lasting solutions to the most pressing challenges in any given locality.


current programmes


advance equality
equality in sport collaborative


The EiSC (Equality-in-Sport Collaborative) is an inclusive, networked and multi-track alliance of organisations, groups and individuals working collaboratively to both facilitate change and advance the equality-in-sport movement globally.

An accessible, inclusive and safe space to exchange ideas, amplify action and channel collective power through authentic relationships between people across the sporting world.

promote diversity
advocate, inform and educate


Our advocacy campaigns are targeted, focused and values based with a strong emphasis on the people that actually make sport work around the world. We stand in solidarity with those from disadvantaged, excluded and marginalised communities within global sport and support their efforts to take control of their own destiny in and out of sport.

We work hard to build the case for a future global sporting ecosystem that is centred around shared values and shared purpose, one that helps all people thrive in fairer, more equitable, and more inclusive ways.


extend opportunity
mentorships by equitysport


The equitysport mentorship programmes work with local partners across the Global South. Our team at equitysport match those aspiring or already working at all levels of sport in low-income countries with highly experienced and accomplished mentors from around the world.

Using our platform, ongoing support and remote and in-person training, they work together one-to-one for an initial 12 months to share new perspectives, develop their potential, build new skills and equip them with the tools to deliver transformational impact in their locality.

extend opportunity
professional development grants


For sporting communities the world over, continued professional development is a vital component of the drive to create a more equal, diverse and inclusive global sporting ecosystem.

The Professional Development Grants (PDG) programme provides direct support for the development of sports coaches, administrators, organisers, practitioners and clinicians from traditionally under-served or disadvantaged sporting communities in sub-Saharan Africa to pursue training to upgrade their knowledge and skills for the benefit of their community. 

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